Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Internet search going well

The lessons seem to be going well. Last week we learned about search by using the browsers' built-in search bars, and searched using keywords. Then we completed Eduplace's guide on using the web for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8.

This week we reviewed how to identify what browser we use at school, other browsers, and search engines geared toward young students (Yahoo! Kids, Google for Kids, KidsClick!). We also learned about online ads, what they look like, and how to make sure we click on the actual search results and content on a web page, especially important when reviewing search results so that students are not fed misinformation, and even more important when searching for free time games so students can click on an actual game instead of wasting time on an advertisement :)

The only hiccup came when I had a class type in the website address instead of clicking a link: lesson destroyed. Even though I had covered where a website address is located, the young students had not carried that knowledge over and I had made it too easy to just click through lessons. I did ask them how they get to websites if they don't know the addresses: the response in unison: we just search for it! LOL! I guess I taught the lesson on search a little too well! So now I have to make sure they understand how to get to a website when it's provided and they'll be on the way to being true digital citizens.

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